Win a Pam of Babylon Book Cover Bracelet

On February 8th, Linda won! xo

Stephanie won! I’m going to do another drawing next week! xo  I used this number generator. We had 160 comments and the random number was 65. Stephanie’s comment was the 65th comment. bracelet feb 1

pam bracelet

Comment below to enter to win the new, updated bracelet with all the covers, including #22, Ginger Harrow!  The winner will be announced February 1st. xo GH.jpg

182 thoughts on “Win a Pam of Babylon Book Cover Bracelet

  1. I think the bracelet is just so 😎, what a great idea! my mom had the awesomest charm bracelet, as it had charms of all the ports my dad had been to. It was a storytelling bracelet. Until it was stolen….it was the most heart wrenching thing to have had happen. Never was recovered. Well, off of that tears moment. I received this email on February 2nd. How could a winner be chosen on February 1st then? I had to confirm it, and it was correct. Really enjoy your books… read so much of all of people I sometimes get lost with what and who I have read

  2. This bracelet is gorgeous, and such a unique item to have, and for a book lover, it would be amazing to own it. This is probably the best giveaway by an author I have seen. Oh and I love your books!

  3. Thank you for making it possible for more winners of the bracelet. I would love to own one and use it to spread the word about your books‼️😀

  4. Love your work! You write with heart, real people, real dramas, in true life circumstances.would love the bracelet, especially since my birthday falls in February!

  5. I ❤️ the Pam series! Pam represents the things we go through throughout our lives. I love all the characters that go along with her. I have laughed and cried along with them all. I read the whole series in a matter of two weeks. Thank you for continuing to bring our friends to us! This bracelet would be amazing to wear, representing the Pam series. Is there a way to order one? ❤️ Jamie c.

  6. Would love to win this bracelet! I love your Pam of Babylon series and can’t wait to read the next story! Thank you !!❤ Carolyn

  7. This is a beautiful bracelet and I would be extremely happy and honored to win it and to wear. Thank you for the great opportunity.

  8. What a lovely and unique bracelet! I can just imagine the conversations that would be started by wearing it. Thank you for the chance to win it.

  9. This bracelet is so beautiful and unique! I’d love to be the proud owner / winner of it!! Thanks for the chance to win!! 😍💜📚

  10. This bracelet is beautiful and so unique!! I’d love to be the proud owner / winner of it!! Thanks for the chance!! 😍💜📚

  11. I love this bracelet love jingles and the covers of these books in tiny so cute and would love it and wear it out and about take care and God bless you always

  12. The first book of the Pam of Babylon series shocked me. I had read 6 more in a row in order to recover. Love the series I have Ginger Harrow is on pre order.

  13. Hi Suzie
    I have the Pam bracelet but am missing some of the newer books. Are the charms sold separately?? I know there is room on the bracelet.


  14. What a wonderful piece of jewelry for us lovers of your books‼️ I would love to win this and wear it with pride❤️

  15. This is such a fun bracelet. If I won I would show it off to my best friendemy who beat me in the summer reading club as a child by ONE book. LOL . We still joke about books and reading clubs almost 35 years later.

  16. love! that bracelet is the coolest thing ever! i love how it has all the little book covers! so cute! thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  17. This is the first blog I have ever commented on. I love your Pam books and always get on the preorder .
    I have not read all your others but working my way through.
    So glad you can write so many to keep all of us fans in reading material.
    The bracelet looks awesome.
    Take care.

  18. Thank you for the chance to win the new, updated bracelet with all the covers, including #22, Ginger Harrow! Good luck everyone!!

  19. Very beautiful bracelet. Looking forward to reading Ginger. Have enjoy your books
    Thanks for the chance to win such an amazing gift.

  20. You have took me on an emotional filled rollercoaster ride with Pam, Sandra and who could ever forget Jack, this is a story that will Never End, Thank you!

    • I own all Pam of Babylon Books although not all are read. Still working on it as I started again from the beginning. Amazing how some things are brand new as if I totally missed it. Would encourage all to read this series if you enjoy family interactions & more. Thank you Suzanne Jenkins for an amazing stories.

  21. I have a Christmas ornament the is a stack of books. This beautiful bracelet would go beautifully with my ornament.

  22. I have absolutely LOVED every book in this series that I have read and I’m sooooo excited to read this new one!! The cover is gorgeous 😍❤️ I’m so happy that you decided to continue with the series!! Thank you!! The bracelet is beautiful also!! 💜💜

  23. I have a similar bracelet that I received at a reader/author conference last October. Your bracelet would compliment the one that I already have.
    PS: The bracelet makes a great reference library. You can see which books you have and which books that you’ve read.

  24. The bracelet that I was going to give my granddaughter was stolen when i let 3 people sleep at my house. I thought that they were nice and they were and were then i flew back here to Iowa and they had a garage sale with everything of mine. Includeing my charm bracelet that my grandma had put on for me. Now this one is beautiful and I could surprise her with them and she woul d love. Thank you for giving this one away now i have another hopel peggy clayton

  25. Love the cover of the new book😁. Thank you so much for letting me enter your giveaway. Hope your New Year was great!

  26. oh wow. so awesome. this would go great with my book shirt I bought plus the book necklace I won. thank you for the chance to win.

  27. This book like your other books sound like a great read and sound interesting. I just love jewelry and this bracelet you’re offering is not only unique but very pretty too. I would just love to win this bracelet. The Swarovski heart beside the silver heart adds to the bracelet that final unique touch that says: Look at me, I love to read and you should do. This is a fantastic way to show your pride that you like Suzanne Jenkins’ books. I also think this bracelet is a great book/author conversation starter. I would love to win it. It’s so pretty. I sure hope I win the bracelet.
    Followed you.
    Happy New Year!!

  28. Looking forward to your new book! And the bracelet is gorgeous! Are they ever going to be for sale? I’ll be 70 in Feb, would be a lovely birthday present! Keep writing!

  29. I binge read all of the Pam of Babylon cannot wait for the next one. So you see I truly want this bracelet because i did read them all. You are my favorite Author!

  30. So far I have read all the Pam of Babylon books and have loved everyone. I am very much looking forward to the next one in the series. I hope you will continue this series forever.

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