Writing for Kindle Worlds – the Good and the Ugly…

Verrrrry interrresting!

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Article by Author Toby Neal, on Self Publishing Advice:

Whatever you feel about Amazon, they are cutting-edge as a company, and one of the most innovative programs they’ve come up with in publishing is Kindle Worlds. According to Nick Loeffler with Amazon, “Kindle Worlds is the first commercial publishing platform to enable any writer to publish fan fiction based on a range of original stories and characters while earning royalties for doing so, and sell them in the Kindle Store. Until the launch of Kindle Worlds, selling stories based on copyright-protected material had been difficult.”

Not to mention, illegal!

Kindle Worlds has changed all that, by contracting with authors and other writers to legalize use of characters in a “World,” and providing parameters within which other writers can play. All benefit from this—writers get to entertain through known settings with their own stories, and readers get more of the characters…

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Detroit Mounted Police in Greektown & Around Town

Spotted in #Detroit Greektown. How many cities still have mounted police officers? #CNU24 pic.twitter.com/GOyO3TnMBd — Katherine Coles (@plannerk8) June 11, 2016 #Detroit mounted police (and their horses) know how to eat in the city Photo credit: @suzannisuzanni pic.twitter.com/gMgjpBEYLC — Hell Yeah Detroit (@HellYeahDetroit) June 23, 2016

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