Thirteen Action Packed Medical and Psychological Thrillers
Fracturing the silence …

…it’s a battle of wills.

In the world of medical and psychological thrillers, this collection of authors is unequalled. Thirteen thrillers—written by NY Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Amazon bestsellers—load your Kindle with bold experience.

Medical malpractice, natural disaster, murderers and serial-killers, deviant minds on paths of destruction.

The truth cannot be hidden long.

It’s a fight for survival.

These thrillers will keep you turning the pages until the end, and don’t worry, the next book will be waiting to keep you entertained.

You’ll love this anthology, because the authors are veterans of the craft and the price is a bargain for so many riveting stories.

Thirteen Action-Packed Medical and Psychological Thrillers

Which book will you start with first?

Get the collection now.


The Imposter – Judith Lucci
WASP – Fiona Quinn
The Enigma Strain – Nick Thacker
Sick – Brett Battles
The Numbers Killer – Jenifer Ruff
The Gamma Sequence – Dan Alatorre
Slow Dancing – Suzanne Jenkins
Two Hearts Unspoken Targets – Tamara Ferguson
In The Dark – Chris Patchell
Resonance – A.J. Scudiere
Death Target – Edwin Dasso
Surgical Risk – Robert I. Katz
Inspired by Murder – Audrey J. Cole

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