Welsh Wednesdays: Review: “Motherlove” by Thorne Moore

An interesting read! Check it out.


MlcoverThorne Moore has been guest on my Welsh Wednesday series. I finally caugth up with her book this week.

Her book Motherlove is a brilliant story about a girl who went missing. The mother, who is being blamed for this, tries to figure out what happened. At the same time, other narrative strands focus on different themes of motherhood and motherlove.
While you know that the strands are connected somehow and even may be able to figure out how, you won’t be quite prepared for the way that the characters develop and come to terms with their issues. One of the biggest achievements for a book is to change your perspective and I certainly went away from this with exactly such a change of perspective.
What has happened 22 years ago and how the author choses to tie things up not only surprised me but it made me think and…

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