My Redheaded Extravaganza



My style of writing is to have several works going on at once, and when I get tired of one, move to the next. The outcome is that I often have two or three books come out at the same time. (When I say often, it happened twice. Sorry. I also tend to exaggerate.) This week I published two new novels with a third, a compilation of short stories, due out next week. As I sat in bed last night with insomnia, thinking about what my next step would be, a startling fact came to me from out of nowhere. The protagonists in both books and in the novella featured in the short stories collection all have red hair. It’s just a coincidence.

                I started writing The Savant of Chelsea back in 1987, and Alexandra had wild red hair from the onset. I named her Alexandra Donicka because after a Google search, it appeared no one else had that name, and since she’s a crazy brain surgeon, I didn’t want anyone to sue me. I worked in the OR for a long time and have known many neurosurgeons and they do tend to span the mental health spectrum.  She is truly all fiction.

                The next book, Alice’s Summertime Adventure started out as a sort of break for me from the awfulness Jack posed in the Pam of Babylon Series, where his deceit colors every area of all of the characters lives. Of course, me being me, Alice couldn’t just have a pleasant adventure; she needed to suffer a little of the pain of reality. But she does have red hair. It just suits her perfectly. You’ll see. She couldn’t have any other color.

                Finally, Philipa Wiener in Mademoiselle screams for wild, bright red hair. Like her odd name, her hair sets her apart. I can’t wait for readers to meet her because I think she needs an entire book written just about her life.

              So there you have it, my red headed extravaganza. It was just a coincidence that all three current new releases would have that one similarity. There is nothing, not one single other thing that links them together except I was the author.

Thank you for allowing me the privilege of telling you a story.


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