Arf, Arf, Au Revoir

A friend asked me about Buddy today. He’s been gone now for four years, but he made a big impression on friends. Arf Arf Au Revoir is also featured in A Prayer for My Mother, essays on aging, death and grief.

2sheepinthecity's Blog

We are having 70 degree weather in NJ today; a perfect opportunity to be outside and tackling some of the barn chores early.  I thought it would give us a head start on what is often an exhausting task.  I began by cleaning up after the sheep on a covered porch that leads into their stalls.  It was peaceful work, and I was joined by the two royal majesties themselves.  They seemed happy to have me out there with them, which had been a rare occurrence after I opened the shop.

At one point in the afternoon, my back started to bother me, so I sat down on an upturned watering bucket.  It was the perfect height to sit and have two sheep ladies nuzzle me. They seemed to remember days in years past where I made a point to sit with them everyday so that when the time came…

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