Autumn in Saugatuck

The following is a poem I found, written by my Great-grandfather, George Coutoumanos.

Autumn Pictures of Saugatuck

by George Coutoumanos

Spirits of Indians, idols and gods

Silently hover over the beautiful Michigan dunes

While muses begin their autumn dance with music and song

And with gaiety

Greet the charming village of Saugatuck.

Pine trees waft their delicate perfume

Over the historic harbor,

Where shy nymphs bathe in summer

And nature lovers bow in prayer.

White-capped waves kiss the coast

Of great Lake Michigan.

Winds blow the shifting sands,

Changing old wonders into new beauties.

Falling leaves decorate the earth

With autumn colors

To welcome the White King—

Beloved son of Nature.

The father of dunes,

Old Baldhead,

Moves slowly.

He sees the last of Indian youths

And of white pioneers that yet remain.

The calmly flowing Kalamazoo

Still keeps the mystery of magic nights

While moon and stars join

To yield true love that never dies.

Saugatuck, dear Saugatuck,

Charming dreamland of artists and lovers.

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