Keeping a Low Profile

Everything that is posted on the internet may come back to haunt its author, so I am trying my best not to regret anything I write. For example, a few months ago I took a picture of myself while I was dyeing my own hair. It was totally unflattering; no make up, wattles under the neck, hair sticking up into the air.  I thought it was hysterical and I could see a blog post featuring a before and after.  And then common sense prevailed. I imagined someone who may have a vendetta, like a familiar person in one of my books that was too much like a living relative but placed there innocently, plastering the horrible picture everywhere without the ‘after’ picture.

There is a discussion on the internet right now regarding a group of authors who have taken exception to a few reviewers snarky or negative reviews regarding their books on Goodreads.  These authors have started a website in which they have allegedly exposed personal information about the reviewers who are referred to as bullies.

The reviewers have shouted back on their blogs and the blogs of supporters.  Today I came across this piece in Huffington Post by Fox Meadow in defense of the reviewers.  If you are interested, please read the back links.

Someone tweeted something about voicing your opinion and I decided my opinion is no opinion.  I don’t like negative reviews anymore than the next writer, but I know the risk I take when I publish is that people may not like what I write.

I really don’t like it when readers go to the Goodreads giveaways and indiscriminately sign up for free books without knowing what the content is, and then when they win a book full of sexual perversion like the Pam series is, act all prudish and write a negative review.  One compared me to Stalin and a serial killer; can’t remember which one now. I make sure that the descriptions of the books spell out exactly what you are going to find if you read without giving away the plot.

I wonder if the bad reviewer/bullies that STGRB are trying to do away with have any clout? Do their funny/snarky/mean reviews really make a difference? God, I hope I don’t have to find out.

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