I almost wrote about my thighs today until I remembered this post from 2009. I’ve updated it where appropriate.

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Last week I got another new book on finding peace and happiness in middle life.  The woman who wrote the book had experienced a year from hell and in the process of recovering, had made several discoveries about herself.  She developed a sort of ‘Twelve Step’ program for sedentary women like me to get off of their butts and get moving.

Among the many helpful exercises she created, the first is probably the most annoying.  You are to look into the mirror while naked, and say out loud, ‘(put your name here)…you are beautiful.’

A new routine I have started each day when I get out of the shower is to take a concoction of essential oils I put together myself that are supposed to be beneficial for cellulite and massage them onto my thighs.  Having to examine my thighs up close for any length of time is torture. But…

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