Two Books Out, Three in the Works = Nervous Breakdown

First of all, I apologize that there is some redundancy happening; between my new website which has a blog component and this blog, which is more personal. Everything that is posted on will be posted here, but not everything posted here will be posted there.

So here’s the thing. I have two books being edited at two different publishers.  Prayers for the Dying is at and The Greeks of Beaubien Street is at Friesen Press. If that isn’t confusing enough, they are both at about the same stage, in spite of one manuscript going out almost a month after the other one.  I’m a little nervous about this, but hope all will work out.  It’s the covers that are causing me the most angst today. I finally had to buy stock photos for both covers although I paid for Premium cover service at both publishers.  I know what I want in a cover and when I see it, I’ll know it! I love the covers of my first three books and wanted the same ‘feeling’ for the subsequent covers.

Here’s the back cover synopsis for The Greeks of Beaubien Street.

Nestled below the skyline of Detroit you’ll find Greektown, a few short blocks of colorful bliss, warm people and Greek food.  In spite of growing up immersed in the safety of her family and their rich culture, Jill Zannos doesn’t fit in. A Detroit homicide detective, she manages to keep one foot planted firmly in the traditions started by her grandparents, while the other navigates the most devastated neighborhoods in the city she can’t help but love. She is a no nonsense workaholic with no girlfriends, an odd boyfriend who refuses to grow up, and  an uncanny intuition, inherited from her mystic grandmother, that acts as her secret weapon to crime solving success.  Her story winds around tales of her family and their secret laden history, while she investigates the most despicable murder of her career.

The Greeks of Beaubien Street is a modern tale of a family grounded in old world, sometimes archaic, tradition, as they seek acceptance in American society.  They could be any nationality, but they are Greek.

I have my daughter, Jennifer to thank with editing the synopsis.  When the baby gets a little older, I am hoping she’ll come on board to edit for me full time. I love her barracuda style. Chomp chomp.

The books in process are Come Back to Me,(the fifth Pam book), Oval Beach,(the second Greeks book), Burn District,(not an easy stab at sci-fi,), and of course, The Savant of Chelsea, my beloved book about a nutty brain surgeon who practices in Manhattan. Love the books about New York. I am dreading the rewrites this book needs and won’t even attempt it until I have a long stretch ahead of me that is clear of any new ideas or obligations.

I’m not really having a nervous breakdown, but I can see how easily it would happen if one was pressed just the right way.

3 thoughts on “Two Books Out, Three in the Works = Nervous Breakdown

  1. That is the neatest and most beautiful bracelet and idea! It is my goal to read each and every one of the Pam of Babylon series. I’m only 2 in…. maybe I don’t deserve something so unique until I have read them all first! But I want it anyway… LOL

  2. I love the synopsis of the Greeks! I can hardly wait to read it. Also, waiting patiently for books 4 and 5 of the Pam series. You know how much I enjoyed those! Keep on writing and I will try not to bother you too much!!!

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