I’m Really Not Normal

    • Just for the fun of it, I am posting a thread of comments about Dream Lover from my Facebook Page.  Let me preface this by saying these three ladies are friends of mine; Melinda is a new friend from Michigan and Michele and Marilynn and I went to school together from kindergarten.
    • Michele Popoff Sturzenegger  oh my suzie…. reading it now ! how the hell do u think of this stuff ? u r AMAZING !!!! im ordering kindle version now so Lar can have the book 🙂 WOW…. freakin cr rayyyy zeeee story !!!! im shocked at each page— js
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    • Melinda KlingHappy Dance……

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    • Melinda KlingLoving it so far but I need to go to sleep now. Have to get up early tomorrow and I have missed many hours of sleep. That Jack is something else. Wooowoooo! But bad.

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    • Marilynn Neher BachorikYea!!! Just bought it!

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    • Melinda KlingI can’t sleep with a Suzie on my Kindle. This is rough. And yet you seem so normal….HA! I would love to sit inside your head for an hour. I thought I had an active imagination. … I can’t come close to what goes on inside your mind.

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    • Michele Popoff SturzeneggerSo started the book yesterday and read the first 11 chapters….got this post and ordered on kindle…read til late into the night….Lar started the book this morning and said he wanted to stay in from church and read instead :O. A sinful Sunday morning story of betrayal …lust…sickos…etc…etc…etc…

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