Off Again

The interior proof for Dream Lover arrived last week and as I reread, the mistakes were mounting and I was getting nervous.  I get to make eighty simple changes free, but it was looking like the task might be a major reediting.  So I got Jen involved and she spent the weekend correcting the manuscript.  I see now why people pay for multiple edits.

At five this morning I got up to fill out the form my publisher uses for corrections and let Nicky out; two raccoons were annihilating my bird-feeders, so I made a rescue before they stole them and dragged them down into the ravine. Jim already scaled the cliff once in the past couple of days to retrieve a feeder that belonged to my mother.  I guess we might have to consider bringing them in at night again which is messy and a pain in the neck.

Now with the corrections form completed, I have to wait for the physical proof to be printed and once that is sent to me and approved, Dream Lover will be released.  In the meantime, I’m working in the studio; this week I have two groups of women visiting, one for a demo and the other for a dye workshop.  I’ll get back to work on rewriting The Savant of Chelsea.  I know I am dragging my feet on that one. It has so much gore in it, but all relevant.  I was up at five this morning worrying about being judged.  Why am I suddenly so worried about what people will say?  If Marie peeking through a key hole at her sister being pleasured by her husband didn’t worry me, why these other books?  I think it is the violence.  It makes me sick when I am writing it, but it is part of the story. You can’t write a crime drama without blood.  Correct? (wringing of hands.)

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