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                                                                                                 My friends, for the most part, love Pam of Babylon.  A few are less than thrilled; I think it is difficult for women to allow themselves to just be and not have every single thing they do lead to something more.  A dear friend who is an attorney and an advocate of women did not like the character Pam.  I could hear fear in her voice when she explained why giving someone like Pam a voice is dangerous, in her opinion.  I think she will see in subsequent books that Pam is stronger than we see on the surface.

Pam is not great literature, but once all four books are put together, it definitely has a moral.  Something good about the negative reviews from friends is that it has proven to me that I don’t have that horrible syndrome; Isolated Adoration.  It’s also helpful when a stranger gives me a good review.  You don’t have to love me to love my book!

Authors, especially new, self-published authors, depend on word of mouth more than anything to get exposure for our books.  I have found that my reader’s enthusiasm sells more books than expensive advertising.   My sister thinks that negative reviews are just as helpful.  I personally don’t care for them, but it is part of the risk taking of putting yourself out there, vulnerable.  So when I received a warm, friendly message on Ravelry from Barb, owner of 2 Knit Lit Chicks Podcast, I was so excited!  I’m not good at  self-promotion, and here someone I didn’t know was willing to give me a little air time. My friend Maureen, a New Jersey buddy, contacted Barb and told her about Pam.

Equally exciting was finding out Barb lives in San Ramon, California, the town we lived in briefly when Jim was San Francisco Chief of Communications for Associated Press.  We have family on the peninsula so the chance that I might actually meet her someday is exists.  It is such a small world.

If you are knitter and/or a reader, listen to 2 Knit Lit Chicks.  It is the first podcast I have heard and I think it is addictive.

1 thought on “2 Knit Lit Chicks Podcast

  1. I probably wouldn’t have read Pam if I hadn’t known that you’d written it, Susie, because I rarely read anything that looks like it might be a romance novel. I’ve a bad case of judging books by their covers, and shame on me. Also, lately I avoid anything that I think might yank my emotions all over the place. I go for light and funny books (have been re-reading everything I can find by Wodehouse) and cozy mysteries in which the bad guy always gets brought to justice in the end. Kind of a pathetic reading list for a lit major who used to read Bertol Brecht, in the original German yet.
    But that said–I really loved Pam. The story was interesting, and I enjoyed the 3rd person omniscient point of view that allowed us to watch the same scene through different characters’ eyes. The theme of forgiveness is one that I believe in strongly. I think that forgiveness is actually a gift we can give to ourselves. When you forgive someone, it can lighten your soul. I don’t mean announcing to one and all that you have forgiven so and so, but just forgiving in your heart. It feels good and free. I’m looking forward to seeing where Pam goes in the next book–will get it as soon as it’s available on Kindle!!!

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