Too Much of a Good Thing

I am sorry I haven’t written in a while!  Soon, I will remedy this. But for now, just know that I think of my readers and also this barren blog.  What is my excuse?  I went to California to see my son and his family last week.  It was wonderful.  Later, he called me a Serial Entrepreneur during a conference call with my husband and their attorney.  It is so true.

On July 31st I am a vendor at the Village Square Art show in Saugatuck, so am working feverishly trying to build up inventory.  The studio has been busy, so that inventory needs replacement.  And my book is at the editor and she has informed me that I must stop complaining and get to work.  Rewrites.  Add to this two different groups of company coming, my daughter in early August and then friends from PA coming to attend Michigan Fiber Festival.  I can’t wait for it, myself!  Buy, buy, buy!!!!

My friend, Bets, tells me there may be some light Shetland fleeces secreted in our friend Steve’s barn.  Oh please, don’t let this be true!!!!  I am a Shetland maniac now!  Just love it! And the light ones dye!  I go from the knitting machine, where I finished Jen’s wedding shawl and two others, plus the components for a kimono. To the field to pick dye plants, back to the studio to check the dye pots and on to the carder to run that for a while.

So I don’t have anything to write about that would be interesting, for now.  Hope  you are fine and wonderful and having a great summer!

1 thought on “Too Much of a Good Thing

  1. Good to see you are back on line. I was beginning to get concerned! You are never quiet this long. But of course I did not realize you had quite that much going on. I have really enjoyed reading your blogs – you certainly made a good move – in moving!

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