Just Checking In

All is well with me and mine.  The studio is open for business and I am working about sixty hours a week.  It is all about what I love.

Last weekend, I flew to Philly for two days to surprise Jeni for her 35th birthday and go to a surprise party for her Saturday night.  Her wonderful boyfriend, Carlos, organized the entire weekend.  It was really fun.  I got to meet some fabulous people and spend time with some of her friends from high school.

Several of the people who were there are also going to be in the Dominican Republic, where the wedding will be held in November.  I am really looking forward to spending more time with the people I met at the bd party.  I wish Monica’s husband was going to be able to get away!  He is a riot!  They are the coolest couple; she is an ICU nurse with Jen and he is a Philadelphia cop.  I loved both of them immediately.  Another nurse Jen works with, Sandy, and her husband will both be there.  It will fun getting to know them better, as well.

Andy and Janeen are finally getting to go away for a honeymoon.  They chose to go back to Hawaii for ten days.  I hope they have a wonderful time.  Andy works pretty much 24/7, so it is always a happy time for Jim and I when he will finally take some time off.

Other than those things, there isn’t too much to tell.  I still love where we are.  Our neighbors are wonderful; Kirk and Terry had us for dinner a few weeks ago and Jim played Pictionary, and was good at it!  Will wonders never cease?

Tim and Hedy came over last week for a visit.  We don’t get too much company due our antisoschite condition, but I still like it when the brave pursue us!  We enjoyed their company, and I got to show off my studio.

That studio is proving to be a real heaven sent gift.  I love going into it.  Everyday I find that I am getting more organized, and reorganizing what doesn’t work.  Knowing me, this will be a process for a while.  For Mother’s Day, Jim got me a vintage tin Putnam Dye Cabinet that we saw at Blue Star Antiques Pavilion when we went a few Sundays ago just to stop working for a while.  I’m not sure when he went back to get it, but there it is!  And it has some old dyes in it!  We will find a special place for it in my studio.

I am setting up my accounting program in Quick Books and it is the most boring experience.  But once I get it in place, it will make life much easier.  My problem is trying not to fall asleep while I am reading the tutorial.  Ugh.

That’s all for now.  I have a bunch of pictures to post next time.

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