Tomorrow our internet disappears.  Jim has an aircard, but he uses a Mac and I, personally don’t like using it unless absolutely necessary.  So I will be ‘away’ until about the 20th, when Freedom Net gets hooked up.  Not having Fios or cable will be new for us, but from what I hear from my sister, Liz, the alternatives work quite well.

October 15th is Blog Action Day Blog Action Day is an annual event that unites the world’s bloggers in posting about the same issue on the same day. Our aim is to raise awareness and trigger a global discussion.  Since I’ll be living in a 24″ camper with four dogs and a large man, I will probably forget to blog, so I am doing it now.

I do care about Climate Change, which is the topic this year.  One of the most positive things about living in New Jersey is that we have mandatory recycling here.  My husband and I are maniacs about recycling.  We feel like we are empowered to do our part by having a tiny amount of trash to go to the landfill each week.  Where we are going requires a fee, added to your property taxes, in order to recycle.  I should add that our new property taxes are exactly 1/10th of what we pay here in NJ, so maybe we better have free recycling here!  Every time we remind ourselves about our new taxes we get a warm, fuzzy feeling.

So do your part, if you can.  Plant trees, only use lights when you must, conserve resources where you are able.  Recycle, buy goods that have minimal or recyclable packing.

1 thought on “Respite

  1. Dearest Suzie, New Jersey is a sad and lonely place knowing that you are no longer right down 206 and make a left… Even if we didn’t see each other often, I knew where to find you! Hope the move is/has gone well and that you are getting settled. Hope the sheeps and dogs make the transition well and that you and Jim don’t kill each other in the process—but I’m sure you won’t. And here’s to recycling! It’s the easiest and best thing in the world!

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