Offer Accepted!!!!

If all goes well, that is one less thing to worry about.  We will have a place to live in Michigan!  Yeah!!!!

I understand from the Realtor that the owner of the house was concerned that we were from New Jersey!  Why?  Housewives of New Jersey?  The Sopranos?  I”m not surprised he would be worried; he has many friends in the area.  I wish I could tell him that we will be the best neighbors.  They won’t even know we are there!

So thank you so much for all your prayers and good wishes to us.  I still need them!

7 thoughts on “Offer Accepted!!!!

  1. Suzie: I just CANNOT believe how much your life has changed in my absence (2-1/2 weeks)! I always knew you are a strong, special, spiritual woman….and the proof is right here in your blogs. My love and best wishes go out to you and Jim. I know you’re going to love Michigan. Congrats!

  2. LOL! I try not to let people know where I used to live, even though I never did belong there – I was just misfiled, a victim of circumstances beyond my control.

    Out here, the big stigma is being “from” California.


  3. Yay! Wonderful news (but pretty funny that he was worried you were from NJ — ha ha! we have a reputation). Now, to just continue hacking through NJ’s red tape…

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