All the complaining I”ve done here, all of the griping and negative stuff doesn’t really paint the true picture of how grateful I am for everything that is happening.  Here’s my gratitude list in addition to the required Everyone is Healthy and the Children are Happy …. (Ever notice how when your children are happy, nothing else matters?)

1. Thank you for the quick sale of our house!  We still are in awe!  I hope the people who bought it are so happy and content here and that all goes well with them.

2. Thank you for all of my wonderful friends here in NJ and across the country who are showing me such love and care now. I truly do not know how I would have gotten through the past six months without them.

3. Thank you for the lovely people on Ravelry in the Michigan groups who are reaching out to me!  I already have friends there whom I cannot wait to met in person.

4. Thank you for the women on the Yahoo Group New Jersey Fiber Fanatics.  I posted a request for someone to board my sheep, and the response was so overwhelming, that I stopped worrying about what I am going to do with them.  A plan will fall into place for my sheep.

5. Thank you for my friend Kristi, our realtor in Michigan.  I met her last year when we went to Saugatuck to look for a vacation home and became fast friends.  She drove all the way to Fenwick Island with her daughter last June to spend the week with us at the beach.  Now that we have decided we want to be there year round, she is working at finding us the perfect house with some ground for the two girls. (Seems like I am spending a lot of effort for those two sheep.  How long do they live, anyway?)

6. Thank you for yarn.  What would I be doing without yarn?  It has filled my life with anticipation, entertainment and satisfaction for 32 years.  When I packed up the dye studio and realized I have enough yarn to last me the rest of my life, even if I opened another yarn shop, I got a little sad because it means there will be less yarn purchases in my future, unless the POD that the yarn is stored in is mysteriously high jacked. (Send me a self addressed, stamped envelope and I will send you the address of the POD storage place….)

1 thought on “Thanks

  1. I’ll take the address to the POD! 😉 I can identify with your planning around the sheep. Because of our dogs and cat, we ripped up all the carpet in our entire house and installed hardwood floors and ceramic tile. We exchanged our tiny, used RV for a big one with a slide-out. We literally designed our kitchen around their bowl area. But what can you do? They are family!

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