Today my sis, Liz sent me a youtube video of George Carlin’s classic routine called ‘Stuff’.  I really loved it, because right now, this minute, my life is being spent packing my stuff, looking for a new home for my stuff, and trying in vain to sort through all the stuff so we don’t spend a fortune shipping plastic  bottles, clementine fruit boxes, and other recycled items I use in my dye studio.

I called my friend, Beth in the middle of the day, so she could give me some insight into what I should do about the boxes of dye pots, colanders, 5 gallon buckets, and other accouterments of the dye business that it has taken me 20 years to collect.  She pretty much gave me permission to save it and ship, as did my husband.  However, Jim’s approval is frightening.  If you have ever seen his music studio, you know what I am talking about.  Giving me the go ahead to ship old chinese food containers may blow up in my face.  What does he have that he plans on sending along?

I looked in his hiding place a few days ago and found out what he is hoarding.  He has every box, Styrofoam mold, and tie wrap that once housed every guitar, amplifier, speaker and other piece of equipment in his studio.  This may be why, when I asked him if he needed any of the boxes I got from my old place of business, he said, ‘no, he was all set’.  What sort of person saves the boxes their things come in?  Maybe I am glad now.

I had to call movers this morning to set up appointments to get estimates.  One customer service person asked me how many rooms we were moving.  I replied, six.  Six rooms, a 1400sq foot basement, a garage, and a big barn.  Add to that my 400lb carding machine, a tractor, a brush hog, and who knows what else.  I am beginning to wonder if we can afford to move.

Truthfully, I have been unmerciful about throwing stuff away, giving to the Good Will and Vietnam Veterans, to my friends and family.  Last year, I packed boxes of stuff I didn’t have the heart to get rid of and sent it to my sister to do it for me.  I am afraid to ask her if she saved any of it.

Of course, we also have the POD, an 8 X 16 X 8 ft storage container that took us six weeks to pack, but it is packed to the brim.  I cannot imagine what my life would be like now if we hadn’t done the POD thing.  So far, the biggest culprit is yarn and wool.  It is just awful. In the barn alone, I am now up to 22 big Rubbermaid containers, and cardboard boxes of undyed yarns, and I haven’t gotten to the fleeces yet.

I have to go now because several yarns I am watching on ebay are due to end and I want to put my bids in.

4 thoughts on “Stuff

  1. Chinese food containers: is there anything more useful in this world? My husband saves all those boxes as well, and then when we move (used to do it every couple of years) we would find all these boxes for things we had already gotten rid of. I love Heidi’s idea for insulating with fleece. I have a friend that is insulating a spare room that way (Jen made the batts!)

  2. When we moved cross country, the ballpark was .27/lb. The estimators didn’t know what to do with us, as we had a basement full of really heavy woodworking equipment. We ended up being almost $10,000 less than the estimate! The movers were excellent and not one thing got broken. We did all our own packing. It all depends on your driver and crew.

    As you sort, bear in mind that almost everything will cost more than you think it will to replace. I’d hang onto the dye pots – canning pots are a minimum of $20 and they won’t cost anywhere near that to move. Remember, your move is based on weight rather than volume.

    As you pack boxes, remember that yarn and fleece make great fillers and are much more effective and cheaper that styrofoam peanuts!

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