According to the news, things are pretty bleak around here.  The media is so depressing that I have taken to getting what news I need by looking at yahoo and only opening the headlines that look safe.  I read the New York Times, but limit the front page stories I take in.  TV is awful, so I might watch Meet the Press or Jim Lehrer.  At least with the later I’ll find out about a good book to buy.

So when I hear about someone taking a vacation, or getting a job, or having a baby on purpose, or especially, someone getting married, I am thrilled.  My friend, Joanna, and her new husband have been together for years, and just decided fairly recently to tie the knot.

Why this particular marriage had such a big effect on me is a mystery.  I think it could be because it is so hopeful for two wise, intellegent adults to take such a big step when what they had been doing seemed to be working well.  You have to know them, too.

Joanna is one of those no nonsense women who don’t suffer fools gladly.  She is English, I mean really from across the pond, the accent and tea and the whole ball of wax.  She has dimples like you’ve never seen and the body and posture of a gymnast.  A good word to describe her betrothed is ‘strapping’.  Their body language made it clear to all who looked upon them that they are in love with each other.  His hand rarely left the small of her back. 043

They are the perfect couple. Choosing now, at this time, in this strange world we live in, to get married, just makes sense.

They chose a courthouse wedding, by a judge.  Forget everything you would think about it.  Besides the fact that she made a beautiful bride, I was really moved by the ceremony.  Whether the judge wrote the words himself or was reading from a script prepared by someone else, I was brought to tears by what he said to the two as they stood before him.

He reminded them to be kind to one another, to put the other before self.  He said he hoped that being married to each other would enrich their lives, that the difference between united and untied was the placement of one i (I).  He spoke very briefly about the sanctity of their love.  It was quite remarkable that such simple surroundings could be transformed by the presence of a woman in ivory and her handsome lover.  I felt honored to be included among the few guests to witness their marriage.

4 thoughts on “Hope

  1. I am Joanna’s Mother. We did not attend the wedding because they wanted a very quiet, simple ceremony. Your words reduced me to tears. I am so pleased that Joanna and Richard are so highly thought of amongst their friends and I feel a little better knowing this.

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