snow-0012snow-0022This is my favorite kind of weather.  Not too cold, constant snow falling softly all day but without too much accumulation.  I had a frozen water in the barn emergency and spent another $50 on a new heated bucket.  At the last minute, I canceled my plans for the day.   We had to run a few errands, but got to stay put by the fire with knitting and dogs almost all day long.

I accomplished so much yesterday that I allowed myself to knit today and am almost done with the Cuspid Shawl.  I have used most of the old Manos del Uruguay I have lugged around the country since 1977.  It is so different from the new stuff, which I find hard to believe is handspun.  The old is definitely handspun, it is so irregular.  Its not as soft as the new, either.

manos-002It was so dear back in the ‘olden days’ that I saved even the thrums off of my loom.  I used it exclusively for weaving then.  I took each strand and rolled it into a big ball.  The ends tied together, it makes a neat, textural yarn to knit with now.  I left the knot in the shawl.  My friend, Mary K, said I should also knot the new yarn in the shawl to make it consistent, so I think I’ll take little pieces and tie them in when it is done.shawl-0011shawl-002 Since I am finished with the center cuspid, the knitting will go quickly as I decrease a stitch every other row.

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