Weaver’s hell, to be exact.

I measured once.  I measured twice.  I used the calculator, multiplied, added, divided, subtracted.  I needed exactly five, 200 yard skeins of a worsted weight yarn I dyed.  I had the yarn.  I measured the warp out.  I wound it until my back could take no more.  I took the warp and put in on my loom.  I started threading the reed.

Somehow, I am short 268 yards.  Or in fabricese, 6 “.  What was supposed to be 20″ in the reed, to make about an 18″ wide shawl, is now only 14”.  I am out of yarn, and it’s too cold to dye it. (I dye in the barn.)

I have to reevaluate what I am going to make.   In bed during the usual three AM insomnia, I fantasized about weaving fabric for a kimono, my signature garment of the 70’s.  Now I think that may be what I am going to do.  I want this done because I have hundreds of new projects in mind for the loom.  I can’t possibly weave as fast as I need to in order to finish all I want before I am too old to do it.

So there are six yards of 14″ wide fabric on the loom.  More than enough for a kimono.  So maybe it isn’t hell after all.  It may be, once I try to construct this thing.  The fabric structure is something new for me; diverisified plain weave.  You thread a thick yarn and then a thin all the way across, and weave the same way, a thick then a thin, over and over.  For the thin, I am using a very fine purple mylar, the thick is a wool cashmere blend single that I bought on ebay and then dyed.  Its in two colorways that I stripped, but they are similar enough that they don’t look strippy.

On a happier topic, Joanna’s 12 project plan for the year is now our 12 step program, thanks to my friend, Suzanne.  I think it is hysterical!!!!  I am working away on the never ending rib warmer and then I can pick up something different and finish it.

All the while watching msnbc and getting so excited for the people who get to see president elect Obama as he comes into Washington.  Its so exciting!!!!!  We have so much to be thankful for.  I know I do.

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