No posts mean nothing to say.  I usually suffer from either hypergraphia, which occurs in the middle of the night and really ticks me off, or writer’s block or vacillate between the two.  Lately, I have neither.   So have a great day, watch an old Martha Stewart video about her Christmas on Turkey Hill, and then you won’t have to decorate a damn cookie or hang a single light.  She has done all it for you.   Oh, I keep forgetting to call Wegman’s to order our Christmas dinner.  Yes, I am that lazy.

2 thoughts on “Boring

  1. Ha.Ha – Suzie, I love your sense of humor! Martha Stewart just pisses me off. I’ll be hanged if I start decorating cookies. I didn’t even get my tree up yet …. and it ain’t going up either! (Although I confess to rearranging my mantel this weekend.)
    Kristi Heuvelman

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