Basement Studio

Getting the space ready to weave has taken longer than I hoped, mainly because I’ve been busy playing with friends.  But I have promised myself to wind a warp tomorrow.  The yarn is a fine, 20/2 cotton and linen blend.  The weave structure will be a huck lace, four harness.  I plan on boring readers, if I have any left, by detailing the whole process.

The loom to the right is a 48 inch Macomber that has never had a warp on it, at least since I have owned it.  The one on the left is a Schacht Spindle; one of the first.  The serial number is 32!  I bought it in 1977.  It is still my favorite loom.

The space is fairly large so I plan on bringing my other looms and spinning wheels down as well.

Weaving Stash

Horizontal Warping Mill

My new/used warping mill.  Yeah!!!!  So much easier than using a warping board.

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