This will be a quick post to introduce my blog to WordPress.  When the decision was made to leave Blogger and come here, I tried to save my posts and transfere them, but as luck would have it, they are gone, much to my mother’s pleasure.  Too much airing of dirty laundry in the past posts.

This week has been both wonderful and brutal for many reasons; the least of them being that I have been cleaning my house after a long spell of neglect.  Puttering and decluttering has been extremely therapeutic.  I am no longer surprised that my husband and I have chronic sinus trouble.  I have never seen more dust or dog hair.  But it is starting to look fairly spiffy around here!  I even scrubbed carpeting that is soon to be torn up.  I couldn’t  stand it one more minute.  Although I can hardly walk, the work was satisfying.

I spent a few hours shoving frozen turkeys and boxed stuffing mix in cardboard boxes; Thanksgiving dinner for disadvantaged.  I was amazed at some of the food products donated for this special holiday; dented cans of Acme brand sauerkraut, Ramen noodles, and believe it or not, Spam.

An old friend, Dawn, called me and we had a cup of coffee while catching up.  It was wonderful.  We didn’t see each for two years, for whatever reason, but it didn’t make any difference.  We were able to pick right up where we left off.  I was afraid there would be too much water under the bridge, (like with my unnamed sis), but that proved to be untrue.

Friends are all struggling with issues beyond their control; two have sons overseas, one of them lost her parent last week,  cars were broken into, another has had one struggle after another, including the loss of an old and beloved sheep.  That made me cry.  Yet everyone is overcoming whatever it is that would pull them down.  People amaze me.

I was able to visit two friends who don’t get to do much due to health issues and it felt so good to see them even for just a few minutes.  Everyone checked in or called; I am really blessed.

Today the horizontal warping mill I found online, used, for a third of the price of a new one, arrived.  My husband and I put it together tonight, only spoke sharply to each other once, and only broke one piece due to forcing it.  A man thing.  I have something in mind to warp on Sunday.

Tomorrow I am going to a craft show in Princeton with my friend Hinda, and then to the Bucks County Handweavers Show in New Hope.  HInda and I are great traveling companions; at least I think so.  She is easy to be around, doesn’t demand anything of me, and although she is a perfectionist in the extreme, i just don’t show her my knitting and that works out well for us!!!

it’s happening more and more often lately; I have fleeting moments, no, seconds, of self-actualization.  I told my husband tonight that I have never been happier in spite of life’s mishaps. The key may be as simple as taking one day at a time.  It certainly doesn’t pay to look too far into the future.  There are too many boogie men and women there!

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